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Floral Vases

Welcome to the Floral Vase Collection at NOVICA. Please enjoy discovering our unique floral designs below:

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Popular Floral Vases

Floral Vases

With so many unique shapes, sizes and designs available, floral vases have come a long way from the generic white and plain glass pieces of the past. NOVICA’s floral vase collection includes pieces made in Mexico, Thailand and India. Featured artists include Alonso, Michael and Orfeo. Combining their diverse cultural backgrounds of Mexican, Italian- American and Swiss, the trio’s multi-layered creativity and skills result in finely crafted hand blown vases. Other featured artists include the Cantel Blown Glass Artisans who once worked together for another company that had less than satisfying work conditions. In 1976, the artists organized a cooperative and seized the opportunity to produce handcrafted vases and other pieces. We hope you enjoy!
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