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Wood Sculpture

Welcome to NOVICA’s Wood Sculpture Collection. The Wood Sculpture was probably the first piece of decorative art created by humans. NOVICA’s wood sculptures follow this tradition with exquisite works by talented local artisans from countries as diverse as Brazil, India, Mexico, Thailand and Ghana.

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Popular Wood Sculpture

Wood Sculpture

Rare local woods have inspired this worldwide collection of wood sculptures by artisans from every corner of the globe. From the Andes to Indonesia and Ghana, NOVICA has assembled a vast collection of wood sculptures from artists like Ghana’s Nana Frimpong. A master artisan whose work has garnered worldwide acclaim, he works in a traditional Ashanti style unique to his native land. After studying with his father he furthered his art under the guidance of Professor Ablade Glover. He has used his art to realize his dream of educating his children, and spread his message of peace through his intricate wood sculptures distributed around the world by NOVICA. A truly worldwide collection of unique wood sculptures to enhance any home décor style.
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