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Religious Sculpture

Welcome to NOVICA’s Religious Sculpture Collection. In this collection, NOVICA brings together sculptures representing the world’s great religions, created by skilled, local artisans from around the globe.

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Popular Religious Sculpture

Religious Sculpture

Bali’s Nyoman Sudiana has been creating religious sculptures with his family, a group of traditional carvers, from the time he was in elementary school. He is typical of the talented local artisans who carve their own, personal interpretations of their religions in unique local materials. Raul Ullloa Baylon is another example of a local artisan expressing his religion through his exquisite, unique dioramas. High in the Andes of Peru, he combines his painting and weaving techniques to make these unusual detailed religious dioramas. Both artisans from different sides of the planet exemplify NOVICA’s belief in encouraging and promoting local talent no matter where in the world it may be. We hope you enjoy!
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