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Buddha Sculpture

Welcome to NOVICA’s Buddha Sculpture Collection. The Buddha Sculpture has an impressive history, first appearing in Northern India around 600BC. This collection has been created by skilled and passionate artisans from Thailand, India and Indonesia from a variety of exotic woods and stone.

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Popular Buddha Sculpture

Buddha Sculpture

The teaching of the Buddha have risen from their humble beginnings in Northern India over 26 Centuries ago to become one of the world’s great religions. Along with the rise of teaching serenity and oneness with the universe, the statue of the Buddha has been carved from many materials by artists who regard the carving process itself as a religious experience. Take Indonesia’s Nyoman Karsa for example. A wood carver of humble origin, he learned his art from his father and senior artists in his village. He works in local exotic woods such as ebony and hibiscus, creating works which embody the spirit of their subject. He is another of NOVICA’s local artisans preserving their craft for future generations. Each Buddha sculpture embodies its creator’s personalized vision of the master and will bring a sense of peace and well being to any room it graces.
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