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African Masks

Look no further than NOVICA’s collection of West African Masks to add interest, dimension, and a flair of cultural intrigue to any room or office.

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West African Masks

Incorporating any style or genre of artwork to your home décor is a wonderful way to fall back in love with your house. With the addition of a West African tribal mask to your home’s design scheme, you will find that your walls come alive with the exotic energy of the world from which your newest piece originated. West African cultures are known for creating unique artwork that not only aesthetically appeals to the masses, but also tells stories of the artisans and their communities. The ultimate conversation-starter; African masks can be great for entertaining purposes, and with the artist’s story card included with your purchase, your knowledge about your mask’s background will speak volumes about your cultural values. Explore the diverse range of characters and emotions to discover the perfect face or West African animal mask to light up the room.