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Ghanaian Masks

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Ghanaian Masks

Since the early Paleolithic times, masks have been used throughout Africa as a symbol for the ideals and principles of the cultures which created them. The NOVICA collection of Ghanaian Masks gives artisans, such as Wilson Aboagye, the ability to share those morals with the world. Along with providing insight to the morals of the society, masks have long been used for spiritual and ceremonial use. Ghana tribes, in particular, are split into seven groups. Each of these tribes has unique stories and ethics which accompany their masks. The Ghanaian Mask collection displays work from the largest tribe of Akan to the smaller tribes of Ga-Adangbe. The masks are created through masterful work of materials such as leather, metals, fabrics and woods. The sturdiness and craftsmanship which goes into these masks provide them the ability to withstand tough conditions. Through the NOVICA collection of Ghanaian masks, customers are able to appreciate the long-standing tradition masks bring to the African culture. We hope you enjoy the collection!
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