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Turquoise Rings

Welcome to Novica's Turquoise Ring Selection! We hope you enjoy browsing our collection of artisan-crafted turquoise rings below:

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The Turquoise Ring

One of the first gems to be mined, turquoise was a favorite of the ancient Egyptians. China has been a source of the serene blue gem for more than 3,000 years, and pre-Hispanic peoples in the Americas extracted the stone from deposits in California and New Mexico.

Thought to represent inner peace, the stone is showcased in Novica's Turquoise Rings Selection. It is captivating in sterling silver, whether in cocktail rings, dome rings, floral designs or clusters. Turquoise figures in the men's bracelet and cufflink as well.

Novica features turquoise rings from gifted jewelers and artisans all over the world. Our turquoise ring collection showcases turquoise rings of all shapes and colors, some accompanied by other gemstones, and some alone in their rich blue glory. We hope you enjoy them!

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