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Solitaire Rings

Welcome to Novica's Solitaire Ring Collection! We hope you enjoy browsing the classic beauty of our solitaire rings:

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The Solitaire Ring

Today men and women wear rings as accessories, but once upon a time, rings held a greater significance. Set with a gem, solitaire rings were regarded as having mystical powers. Early Romans decreed the wearing of a ring by law to signify social status, and since the 15th century, solitaire rings, especially with a diamond setting, have been worn as engagement rings. Whatever the gem, style or reason, a ring from Novica's Solitaire Ring collection is destined to enthrall.

Solitaire rings may signify timeless love as a pearl ring. Crowned with peridot, it becomes especially significant as gift for mom, for the verdant gem is hailed as Mother Nature's unique gift.

The Novica gallery of Solitaire Rings is created in close collaboration with extraordinary artisans from around the world. Their unique contributions include solitaire rings and specialized, hand-crafted jewelry for men.
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