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Peridot Ring

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The Peridot Ring

Discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs, rings have functioned as symbols of authority or social status across the ages, and signet rings were worn by kings and church leaders. Engagement rings are believed to be a legacy of the Romans, and birthstones are tied to the wearer's birth month.

Novica presents peridot rings from exceptional master artisans and silversmiths around the world. Most feature sterling silver settings. Our hand-crafted rings are offered in a variety of sizes and beautifully complement our other peridot jewelry.

Silver rings are a favorite jewelry piece, especially when accompanied by the vibrance of peridot, and no one knows that better than Ritu. She learned jewelrymaking in her birthplace of Jaipur, India, also known as the "City of Gems". Ritu crafts exquisite jewelry pieces, both modern and traditional, including pendant necklaces and peridot bracelets to match her lovely peridot rings.

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