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Onyx Ring

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The Onyx Ring

Discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs, rings are usually worn on the finger but the hoop earring is perhaps equally common. Rings may also be worn in noses or on toes. They have functioned as symbols of authority or social status across the ages, and signet rings were worn by kings and church leaders. Engagement rings are believed to be a legacy of the Romans, and birthstones are tied to the wearer's birth month.

The onyx ring is a classic style for men's jewelry yet women, too, favor the sleek stone. It can be found in lacy filigree rings, in heart rings, and in many other styles. Novica presents onyx rings from exceptional artisans worldwide. Crafted primarily of sterling silver, our onyx rings come from Bali, Peru, Thailand and India. Many feature combinations with other gemstones as accents. We hope you enjoy!

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