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Heart Rings

Welcome to Novica's Heart Ring Gallery! We hope you enjoy exploring our unique heart rings below:

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Heart Rings

A heart is recognized practically around the world as a symbol of love, but why it is shaped so is still a matter of debate. The most romantic explanation is that of the ancient Greek, who associate it with Aphrodite, goddess of love. To them, the shape of a heart comes from the back and wings of a dove, symbol of Aphrodite. In Novica's collection of heart rings you will find shapes that go from the classic to the modern designed by artisan silversmiths across the world.

Carlos Muñoz alternates silver and gold-plated hearts in his ring designs, while Matta and Diah Ayu transform them into magnificent pearl rings.

Believers in the mystical energies of gemstones will find a heart ring studded with love stones such as pink opal. A heart ring presented as a promise of love that is crafted by hand by an artisan silversmith across the world, is to be treasured as a precious anniversary or Valetine's Day gift.
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