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Chalcedony Ring

Welcome to Novica's Chalcedony Ring Collection! Please take a moment to peruse our chalcedony rings showcased below:

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The Chalcedony Ring

Novica's chalcedony ring gallery showcases the gem's natural enchantment. It is compiled from designers everywhere, in styles that include solitaire chalcedony rings as well as dome sterling silver rings.

A country known for its gemstone riches, Brazil's blue chalcedony teases Silvia Lima's creative instinct. Her trendy style is underscored by a continuous sense of fluid energy, which can be also admired in her gold and sterling silver earrings.

The chalcedony rings that Ketut Widarma designs are destined to lure into fascination. His styles are distinctively Balinese, yet he also has a flair for contemporary vogue. Mastering silversmith techniques, he is equally at ease crafting traditional filigree earrings as he is crafting trendy gemstone charm bracelets.