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Carnelian Rings

Welcome to Novica's Carnelian Ring Gallery! We hope you enjoy exploring the carnelian rings in our collection below:

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The Carnelian Ring

Novica invites you to explore our singular collection of carnelian rings. Once reserved to European royals, a carnelian ring charms with a wide range of orange hues. Our versatile styles include flower rings by Nareenat, who masterfully transforms the gem into dazzling petals.

Crowing silver rings, carnelian lures with an incandescent glow. As a birthstone ring, carnelian is wonderful gift idea for the Virgo born.

Patricia Jara is inspired by the limpid geometry in Inca artistry, which she adopts with a flair for modern trends. She contrasts the bright glow of carnelian with the black sheen of obsidian rings.
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