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Peruvian Rings

Welcome to Novica's Peruvian Ring Gallery! We hope you enjoy exploring our lovely Peruvian rings below:

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The Peruvian Ring

Novica’s exclusive collection of Peruvian rings is handcrafted by the best jewelry artists in Peru. Traditional Peruvian jewelry making can date back to the period of the pre-Incas. Each ring in our collection is designed for men and women as a representation of the legendary Peruvian culture. Our talented artisans, each possessing unique skills, create Peruvian rings using a variety of techniques and designs that stay true to the beauty of Peru. Gemstones such as the opal and chrysocolla are highly valued in the Peruvian Andes and featured in this collection. The scarce stone, opal, comes in a variety of colors from blue, green, black, and pink. Chrysocolla, the stone of peace and wisdom, comes in a stunning turquoise color and together with the opal make unique rings. Enjoy our unique collection of handcrafted men's ring and women’s cocktail rings accentuated with shining silver, gemstones and much more straight from Peru.
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