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Turquoise Necklaces



Popular Turquoise Necklaces

Turquoise Necklaces

Amazingly versatile, turquoise jewelry can accent any outfit. The mineral turquoise generally takes on a bluish-green façade, but where most stones are discarded when blemishes are found, the unique brown and white markings found on turquoise generally appeal to the masses. Particularly meaningful to Native Americans, turquoise is often found at the site of ancient burial grounds, thought to guide and protect elders into the afterlife. NOVICA’s collection of turquoise necklaces embraces traditional and contemporary styles featuring the stunning stone. Find chokers, collars, and turquoise necklace pendants, among many other styles in this dreamy collection of jewelry from around the world. Indonesian artist Nyoman Rena employs the azure stone as the shell of his turquoise turtle necklace secured in sterling silver. When you receive your piece, be sure to notice the unique cracks and distinctive markings on your turquoise rock necklace, Native Americans would tell you that those are the scars that the stone sustained protecting you from harm.

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