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Sterling Silver Pendant Necklaces



Popular Sterling Silver Pendant Necklaces

Sterling Silver Pendant Necklaces

The earliest pendant was one made of copper and dates back to 8700BC Sumeria. Some historians also believe that pendant necklaces were worn before this in the form of a rock strung onto a string-like material. Later, Egyptian Pharaohs wore a special type of pendant that served as protection against evil. The Greeks adorned themselves in pendant necklaces that featured vase-shaped pendants to depict figures of Greek mythology. The artisans featured on NOVICA come from a variety of regions, thus there is great variety in our gallery of silver pendant necklaces. The pendants add extra detail and the silver serves as a stylish precious metal. Silver and pendant designs come together beautifully to make a stunning collection of silver pendant necklaces. NOVICA also offers a similar collection of sterling silver men’s necklaces for your liking!

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