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Opal Necklaces

Welcome to Novica's Opal Necklace Gallery! We hope you enjoy exploring our eye-catching opal necklace collection below:

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Popular Opal Necklaces

The Opal Necklace

The stone of visionaries, opal surrounds the user with an aura of mystery and charisma. Pure opal is colorless while black opal is quite rare and valuable. Some of the finest stones come from Australia; Mexico and India are rich in opals.

The Peruvian opal tends toward rose, blue and pale green and features prominently in designs by Marcel Ryzenberg, Carlos Gonzalez, and in Ilaria's opal jewelry. Bali's Caine accentuates pearl necklaces with the lovely stone, and it is featured in many styles of handmade jewelry.

Novica's opal necklace collection includes pendants, waterfalls and chokers with opal accents and featuring other gemstones as well. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled jewelry designers throughout the world.

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