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Animal Themed Necklaces

Horses and sea horses, frogs, monkeys and whales — there something for everyone in NOVICA's collection of handcrafted animal jewelry! Discover the design that's perfect for you… and another as a gift for someone you love… in our Animal Themed Necklace Gallery.

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Popular Animal Themed Necklaces

Animal Themed Necklaces

Birds, fish and bunnies, cats, dogs and ferrets… we love our pets! Humans establish a special bond with our animal friends and what better way to show it than an Animal Themed Necklace? NOVICA artisans depict a world of creatures in handcrafted jewelry. But there's more! Pachyderms figure in delightful silver jewelry from Thailand, where the elephant is a national symbol. Mexican jewelers create beautiful butterfly jewelry depicting the monarch butterflies, which migrate from the US and Canada to spend the winter in fir forests south of the border. In Bali, the dragon is a protective creature, often depicted in men's necklaces, while sea turtles and dragonflies also figure in the island's Animal Themed Necklace art.
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