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Welcome to Novica's collection of Agate Necklaces! Please enjoy our uniquely interesting agate necklace selection:



Agate Necklaces

Agates have been prized gems since antiquity, used in jewelry since Biblical Babylonian times, the Egyptians and Greek fashioned agate into talismans, amulets, seals, rings and vessels. Some civilizations even believed agate would make a person invisible! Explore Novica's Agate Necklace gallery and see why this gem is so coveted.

Agate's natural allure resides in its banded beauty, which gives raise to a wonderful display of color. Set in a silver earring or cufflink, agate makes for a versatile birthstone gift.

In Brazil, where agates are mined, talented artisans are inspired by the gem's colorful variety. They craft elegant jewellery, sculptures, and home décor items, including handmade agate coasters set in rich cedarwood.

We are proud to feature a wide variety of Agate Necklaces styles that include chokers and long necklaces, flowers and butterflies.
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