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Moonstone Jewelry

Welcome to Novica's Moonstone Jewelry Gallery! We hope you enjoy exploring our unique moonstone jewelry below:

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Popular Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone Jewelry

The colorful, mystical glow of moonstone has been the object of much interpretation. Some cultures consecrated the gem to their Moon Goddess, and in ancient India it was regarded as a dream stone said to bring beautiful visions. Visit Novica's gallery of moonstone jewelry and admire how the gem inspires contemporary artisan designers around the world!

In India, Shanker transforms rainbow moonstone into the lush petals of cocktail rings that goes well with necklaces and bracelets adorned with moonstone pendants.

Having made of Mexico her home, Argentinean-born Maria Belen Nilson masters the art of artistic syncretism in her versatile jewelry collections. She treasures moonstone at the core of a Celtic cross silver brooch.

Moonstone dewdrops fall on the hill tribe flowers dangling from leather bracelets by Khun Boom in Thailand. Novica's moonstone jewellery collection offers veritable treasures certain to become beloved heirlooms.
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