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Jade Jewelry

Adored by jewelry makers and enthusiasts alike, NOVICA brings you the stunning and durable green healing stone featured in each and every piece found in our jade jewelry collection.

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Popular Jade Jewelry

Jade Jewelry

Countless cultures around the world have valued jade higher than gold, silver, and even diamonds at various points in history. But the emerald green stone’s captivating exterior explains only half of jade’s appeal, as many also associate the jewel with medicinal healing properties and connotations of good fortunate. Guatemalan artisan Zandra Lorena Sajbin sells hundreds of unique jewelry pieces here at NOVICA, but out of all the stones and materials Zandra can access, jade ranks supreme. “[Jade] is a sacred stone for us Maya people,” She says. “Jade used to be worn as an amulet, and those who wore the most jade pieces were considered to be the most important people in the community. Rescuing the value of our traditions is always important.” Embrace the cultural significance of so many civilizations when you purchase jade jewelry for women from Zandra or any other artisan in this collection. Enjoy exploring this collection of artisan crafted jewelry, which exclusively features high quality jade jewelry.
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