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Opal Earrings

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Opal Earrings

Seeming to possess an inner light, opal is a gemstone of luminous beauty. Its play of light is fascinating and the stone occurs in a vast range of natural colors. Most opal comes from Australia, but the Aztecs made use of opal deposits in Mexico and Andean opal has been mined for more than a thousand years.

Novica's Collection of Opal Earrings showcases handcrafted opal earrings from talented artisans around the world. Heart earrings in rare pink Andean opal vie with dangle earrings in shades of blue, green and aqua. Combined with bright jasper or sodalite earrings, the gem transmits sensations of calm. Pearl earrings with opal combine with pearl bracelets and necklaces in extraordinary heirloom jewelry sets.

Our Collection of Opal Earrings features gold vermeil and sterling silver in styles that include fine filigree, sleek, modern opal earrings and designs with pre-Hispanic, Thai, Mughal and Balinese influence. There's something for every occasion. Enjoy!

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