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Citrine Earrings



Citrine Earrings

Very few yellow gemstones occur naturally in the world. Of those extraordinary yellow gems, citrine itself is exceptionally rare, found only in a handful of locations around the world. Citrine is also one of three traditional November birthstones, and is the planetary stone for the sign of Virgo. In this collection of yellow citrine earrings, the canary-gold gemstone’s splendor is effusively revealed in sterling silver, solid gold, and in an array of styles and designs. Mined in Rio Grande do Sul, the golden gem is a prominent feature of Brazilian jewelry design, as seen in Soraya Lopes and Telma Camargo de Araujo’s selection of citrine drop earrings. India's Piyush Khandelwal and Beenu set the stone in sterling silver drops and citrine chandelier earrings, while Thai designers Ying and Peru's Ava Nivian transform it into delightful dangle citrine earrings. Our collection of citrine jewelry also includes gorgeous studs, button earrings and citrine hoop earrings, among many others. Many of our citrine designs are complemented by other gemstones, like crimson garnet and icy-blue topaz, while others celebrate citrine’s beauty by displaying the stone on its own.

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