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Bracelets have been worn since ancient times to serve spiritual and religious interests. From the National Geographic Society, the Scarab Bracelet of Egypt represents rebirth and regeneration. In Latin America, the Azabache bracelet was worn to ward off the evil eye, and in India, the number of bracelets on a woman's arm denotes her marital status. Through Novica's collection of Link Bracelets we invite you to explore the many designs distinctive of cultures and traditions across the world.

Artisans in India craft silver bracelets to link bright, radiant gems set in ornate encasings. In Bali and Thailand, where mythical dragons are revered as benevolent guardians of the gods, artisans conjure their presence in men's bracelets. Dragons also inspire the sublime, hand-carved sculptures by talented artisans who honor tradition.

Whether for custom, beliefs or to complement your personal style, a Novica Link Bracelet is designed to capture your eye.
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