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Hypnotic blue amazonite is believed to bring luck to one's hopes and dreams. It is also believed to be the stone of artists, as evidenced in Novica's grand collection of amazonite artisan jewelry.

Alfredo Inga showcases amazonite in his designs, featured in his vast collection of filigree earrings. Alfredo was born in Catacos, Peru's "Filigree City" where he taught by friends when he was only 11 years old. He went to Israel on a scholarship, which he won as a prize in filigree contest. He was offered a teaching position there, but loves Peru too much to stay away.

Patricia Jara is so enchanted with the traditional arts of Peru, that she has traveled far and wide to experience regional art forms. Her collection of amazonite rings and pendant necklaces treasures the Inca's flair for geometric harmony as well as her individual sense of modern elegance.

Guena, who graduated as an accountant, confides he has more patience for art than for logic. Through art, he tells us, one experiences beauty to the maximum, as well as moments of spiritual freedom. Enchanted by amazonite, he transforms the gem into the lush leaves of gemstone tree sculptures.
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