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Agate Jewelry

Welcome to NOVICA’s Agate Jewelry collection! A most versatile gem, agate is well-paired with gold, jasper, sterling silver and pearl amongst others. Some of the best artisans in the world are creating wonderful designs that are bound to leave you breathless.

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Popular Agate Jewelry

Agate Jewelry

Thanks to Rio Grande do Sul in the south, Brazil is one of the leading producers of agates in the world along with the plushest assortment of gemstones. Brazilian artisans are known for mastering jewelry techniques with the highest level of detail to highlight the richest array of natural colors when designing and crafting Agate Jewelry. NOVICA’s jewelry collection of handcrafted agate earrings, bracelets and necklaces reflect many aspects from cultural values around the world as artisans celebrate their country’s emblematic natural resources through their designs and materials.
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