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Mexican Shoulder Bags(190 items)

Welcome to NOVICA’s Mexican Shoulder Bag collection! Whether you’re looking for hand-tooled leather or beautifully woven fabric, our bags come in a wide range of styles and fashions from Mexico:

Popular Mexican Shoulder Bags

Mexican Shoulder Bags

More than a mere accessory, a bag reveals something about the craftsman that stitched it, engraved it, or shaped it. These shoulder bags maintain their connection to Mexico through the raw materials that were used to create them and the designers who have impressed their artistic vision upon them. This relationship between artisan and material is expressed in each unique handbag. Some use natural dyes drawn from the leaves and bark of local trees. Others construct them by sewing together individual pieces of leather. As one of our designers, Eduardo Alcala, explains it, “it’s the leather itself that suggests the bag’s shape.” And through his work, Alcala celebrates the natural cycle of life and death. This originality is part of what makes NOVICA’s Mexican Shoulder Bag collection so inspiring. We hope you enjoy each of these bags!
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