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Blue Handbags



The Blue Handbag

Novica's is proud to present to you a Blue Handbag Collection produced by some of the world's most gifted designers. We offer our blue handbags in a broad range of quality materials including wool, cotton, leather, and silk.

Teofilo Huayanay is a Peruvian artisan who likes to work quality materials such as fine wool to create his blue handbags. His line of wool tote handbags are adorned with bold embroidered designs to add a cheerful flair. In addition to his blue tote handbags, Huayanay offers his rendition of a Peruvian-inspired hobo handbag to complete his collection.

On the other side of the globe from Peru, Musrrat Ali produces his blue handbags from his native India. Embellishing his purses with intricate sequins and embroidery, Ali offers a full line of beaded handbags which are sure to accent any wardrobe or accessory collection.

We hope you enjoy!

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