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Giuliana Valz-Gen

Giuliana Valz-Gen

Silver filigree jewelry in The Andes

26 testimonials

"In a way, my work deals with the richness of nature. My motivation comes from a desire to complement female beauty with my designs, which are infused with Peruvian artistry."

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26 Testimonials for Giuliana Valz-Gen


I purchased ""Garlands"" gold vermeil earrings Guiliana Valz-Gen and believed I would like them. When I opened them I was dazzled and every time I wear them I receive at least one compliment. I always pass on the Novica site info and her name.


We received the beautiful earrings crafted by Giuliana Valz-Gen, and they were perfect. My wife loves these earrings and has promised to wear them often. Thank you very much for making me a hero for a day.