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Wool Area Rugs



Wool Area Rugs

To emblazon the wild images of Zapotec battles on the delicacy of wool, to depict the clash of heaven and earth in the fine craftsmanship of a hand-loomed rug, is to transport the stories and myths of the ancients into the modern world. NOVICA’s collection of Wool Area Rugs undertakes just this kind of challenge. Our artisans turn wool into the woven backdrop of fluttering hummingbirds and rolling meadows. An area rug upon which one may casually stand is actually a scene of triumph or the cycle of birth and death. We invite you to explore the imagery on these gorgeous wool rugs and discover the narratives that still live through these art pieces that carefully preserve them. Our pieces come from all over the world, and we select the finest artisans and the best products to bring you the highest quality wool rug that we can find!

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