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Red Area Rugs

Welcome to NOVICA’s Red Area Rugs collection! We feature a wide range of reds for any palette in your home. Whether you’re trying to bring a dull room to life or add a vibrant piece to an already dynamic space, we invite you to check out this selection of handcrafted rugs:

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Popular Red Area Rugs

Red Area Rugs

Whether you’re looking for fiery red, or burnt sienna, or the muted hue of earthy clay, NOVICA’s collection of Red Area Rugs has something for you. Our artisans come from the reaches of India, Central America, Thailand, and Mexico, and translate the images and scenes from their own countries into the fabric of these elegant rugs. One artist, Cerapio Vallejo, draws on the style of the Nazca plains to set a geoglyphic hummingbird against a vibrant red background. Or another, Mario Chavez, infuses his area rug with natural red dye and the finest wool fiber. Whatever your taste and whatever your style, we know there is a perfect rug just for you.
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