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Patterned Scarves

Welcome to Novica's Patterned Scarves Collection! Discover silk, cotton, and alpaca wool patterned scarves in our unique gallery below:

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Popular Patterned Scarves

Patterned Scarves

Many cultures, clans and families can be identified by the style of clothes they wear, with specific colors and with distinct accessories. To this day, patterned scarves for women and men often signify allegiance from military ranks and revolutionary movements.

Novica’s scarf collection includes patterns that result from weaving or knitting techniques as well as batik or silkscreen prints. Inspired by tradition, kente cotton scarves celebrate the artistic traditions of Ghana’s Ashanti people. Kente patterns are designed by the weaver, and each color has a specific meaning, for example yellow stands for wealth, preciousness, vitality and fertility, whereas a black patterned scarf represents spiritual maturity.
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