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Embroidered Scarves(9 items)

Welcome to Novica's Embroidered Scarves Gallery! We hope you enjoy exploring our unique collection of embroidered wool, silk and cotton scarves below:

Embroidered Scarves

Scarves are believed to have originated in ancient Rome, when they were designed to wipe the face, and since people just took to wearing them around the neck, they soon became a fashion accessory. Embroidered scarves have been part of many a traditional costume across the world – a scarf is an easy way to identify a group of people. With so many different types of scarves, Novica invites you to explore this unique collection of colorful hand-embroidered scarves.

India treasures an admirable variety of embroidery styles unique to each region, and handed down from one generation to another. For example, the soof style of embroidery is practiced by the people from the Megwar, Rajput, Soof and Sodha communities.

The most highly recognized style is aari, where the chain stitch is done with a round needle. Aari is also known as Zari embroidery, once favored by Mughal royals – it was done with real gold and precious stones! Zari embroidery can be appreciated in embroidered scarves and embroidered shawls.
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